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December 8, 2017

We have been asked a lot lately about stick structures.  Anyone who is remotely interested in Bigfoot has heard about these oddities in the woods.   Are they really structures?  Are they made by Bigfoot?  Are they natural abnormalities?  Just what are they? 

So, let’s talk.  While we are far from being experts in this arena, we have seen lots of interesting formations on our searches and have done a fair amount of research.  First, we should describe just what these stick structures are.   Honestly?  They aren’t really structures, per se - more like a few sticks crossed together, sometimes they actually look like a tipi; bent trees crossed together, some are just crossed sticks.  We found the ones in the photos below in northern Minnesota a few weeks ago.

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We have also found one that seemed like something had pulled a tree out of the ground and made a nest under the roots. 

Bent trees and trees like the one below could be a kind of directional marker– we just don’t know.  One of our fellow researchers in Canada, a First Nations Elder, tells us that in the northland bent trees become that way from enduring heavy snow in the brutal winters.  That makes total sense, and we often find many trees in Minnesota, like the ones in the photo below, note how the bent trees actually cross.

It is thought that trees that are unnaturally set to crisscross in the woods could be used by Bigfoot to communicate with other Bigfoot, a food source or just a meeting place.   Native Americans have historically believed this to be the case, and it is a kind of territorial marker of sorts, a place that indicates perhaps that food and water can be found there.   Other ideas are that Bigfoot makes a kind of nest under these sticks.  Maybe a kind of lean to? 

On one of our searches, we also found the tree below – it has several crooks in it’s trunk, is this natural or did someone/something help it grow that way?  Is it a kind of Sasquatch Roadmap?   It is interesting and perplexing at the same time.

As investigators, we always try to disprove everything we may find while we are out searching.  Critical thinking is of utmost importance to us, and to be honest, we are highly skeptical of these structures, especially when no other evidence is found, i.e., footprints, unknown hair, etc.   No matter how deep or remote the woods are, it is always possible that people while out hiking or hunting have crossed these sticks, made some kind of shelter or hunting blind, etc., and that they have nothing whatsoever to do with Bigfoot.   And?  It is thought that Bigfoot moves through areas quickly, we wonder if he would even take the time to make a shelter of any kind?

For more information you can find a plethora of information about the infamous stick structures on YouTube.

--Kim and Stephanie