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SquatchHERS is Minnesota's Women-Led Bigfoot Research Team.   We founded our all-women team in late 2015;  in 2017 we knew change was needed, and with four of the original five founding members onboard, we restructured, changed our name, and welcomed in four additional teammates to our exclusive bigfoot research team.  Eight strong, our members hail from all parts of Minnesota making it easy for us to get to areas of reported Bigfoot activity quickly.

The majority of our team members are also active paranormal investigators and have years of experience in the paranormal field, making us well versed in investigative technique.  Critical thinking with a healthy dose of skepticism are always employed as we search for absolute proof of Bigfoot, as we utilize the investigative skills we have learned over years of paranormal investigation.

We believe women will be the first to successfully make contact and interact with Bigfoot.  Why?  There are a few reasons.  First and foremost is that women are naturally less aggressive and are more nurturing, gentler, and kinder than men.   It is also widely believed that it is the young male sasquatch that are seen most often, and we believe they would be much less intimidated by women than men.   In addition, many believe that Bigfoot is a part of the Great Ape family, and it is well known that the most successful researchers of the Great Apes are women – think Jane Goodall with the Chimpanzees, Dian Fossey with the Mountain Gorillas, and Birutė Galdikas with the Orangutans. 

Our mission is to discover Bigfoot and/or concrete, undeniable evidence to support the existence of this elusive creature, and nothing else will do. 

Have you seen, heard or found signs of Bigfoot?  Please share your experience and Contact us here.   Follow along with us as we search for Sasquatch, it has been and will continue to be an amazing journey.
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Bigfoot Days - Home of Bigfoot

SquatchHERS once again participated in Bigfoot Days in the Home of Bigfoot!  It was fun to meet everyone and tell our story!  We look forward to next year!
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